Customized labelling of linen in the hospitality industry goes beyond aesthetics.

It enhances brand recognition and is a valuable investment for a business.
Helps manage inventory efficiently.

Contributes to a positive guest experience.

Uniqueness of our Custom Branded Woven Labels

  • Each linen item will carry your company/brand logo on a woven label/tag for distinction & identity.
  • Logo can be of any intricate design & multiple colours woven into the ready to stitch labels and sewn into the hem of the linen item. 
  • The label’s edges are delicate and silky to the touch.
  • The labels are guaranteed for colour fastness. They do not fade or bleed, when washed.
  • The Labels also have a monthly/yearly calendar, for your house keeping team to mark  the ‘month of issue’ & thereby track the durability of the linen item.
  • Company Logo Label on every item ensures that the linen will never me mixed up with that of other hotels, when sent for washing to commercial laundries.
  • The cost of these labels is negligible, when compared to its advantages, as low as Rs 3.00 per piece*

Custom Branded Logos on Jacquard weaving of Bath Linen

Jacquard Weaving
  • Elevate your brand with our jacquard woven terry towels collection, tailored to showcase your unique identity.
  • Immerse your customers in the luxury of personalized comfort, as we seamlessly blend exquisite craftsmanship with your brand aesthetics.
  • Our linen and jacquard towels, meticulously designed and expertly crafted, serve as the perfect canvas for your distinct logo or design.
  • BedAndBathDepot ensures that your customized linen not only meet but exceed the expectations of both discerning guests and your brand standards.
  • The MOQ, for getting these Personalised branded towels made is as low as 500 units* and is offered in various qualities.

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